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"Do Whatever He Tells You."

Posted on January 27, 2013 at 7:07 PM
On Sunday, January 27th, 2013 I was blessed to preach my first mini sermon in our new home town in Tasmania.  It was based on John 2:1-12.  It's the story where Jesus and His disciples are at a wedding.  Then, catasrophe, because there is no more wine!  Mary turns to Jesus for help but Jesus doesn't seem that interested.  Yet Mary still tells the servants to "Do whatever He tells you."  Once Jesus gets involved in the situation, the water is turned into wine.  It's this water turning into wine  that grabs our attention most of the time.  Either that or the way Jesus spoke to His mother Mary when she sought His help.  However, it is so easy to pass over five words that Mary spoke to the servants.  "Do whatever He tells you."
When Jesus told the servants to fill up the stone water jars with water, they did so in complete obedience and filled them to the brim.  I may have been happy to have left a little gap at the top, but these servants filled these jars to the brim.  In other words, they obeyed Jesus 100%.  Bear in mind these jars held about 100 litres of water, so it would have been tempting not to fill them as much.  Yet the servants did as Jesus told them.  They filled them.
Next, Jesus tells the servants to take some of the water and give it to the Master of Ceremonies.  By this time, the water has turned into wine and the wedding celebration continues on with the best wine and John tells us this is the first miraculous sign Jesus performed. 
Let's go back to Mary.  She appears intermittently throughout the Gospels.  The last recorded words of Mary are: "Do whatever He tells you."  These five words contain such power.  I don't suppose Mary intended them to, but for us - His servants in 2013 - we can take them to heart and learn to trust and obey even when it seems crazy to do so.
Three months ago, my wife and son and I followed the call of Jesus to Tasmania.  It's a state in Australia, and it's an hours flight back to Victoria - our home state.  But to get here with all our belongings we had to sail in a boat overnight.  We were very comfortable in our home in Victoria.  There were times when we doubted His call on our lives to move to Tasmania, but whenever we did the promises of God flooded in.  God says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."  In our new home town, we continue to seek to obey the call of Jesus upon our lives because we believe He has called us here for a purpose.
Sometimes we can shortchange Jesus.  Instead of giving Him 100% obedience, we do most of what He asks of us and hold back a little.  Or maybe we simply just ignore Jesus.  Take a look at the servants at the wedding celebration - they obeyed Jesus 100% - they did what Jesus asked of them.
WWJD or "What Would Jesus Do?" is a popular term among Christians.  But I always believe it should be DWJD.  That is, "Do What Jesus Did."  By the time we ask WWJD and seek an answer we may well have missed the opportunity to serve Him.
When we do what Jesus did, we show love.  But as Bob Gass wrote recently in his devotional, "Love is spelt T-I-M-E."  Love is a doing word, and when we do it for Jesus He blesses it.
For today and the coming years, as individuals and as brothers and sisters in Christ gathered throughout the world, the five words for us to remember are "Do whatever He tells you."  But please, don't just remember them - act on them!

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