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The Shepherds Find Him

Posted on December 11, 2011 at 5:42 AM
Luke 2:15 - 20.  God chose not to let nanny and pa know about the birth of Jesus as soon as He was born, nor was an advertisement called through to the local newspaper.  The angels proclaimed the most wonderful news by first telling the shepherds who were out in the fields, tending their sheep.  What was their response?  Well, they did not go to sleep.  Instead, they moved quickly and went to find the baby in a manger.  They left their sheep out in the fields, unprotected.  I reckon God made sure not a sheep went missing while these shepherds went to see Jesus.  The sheperds received a message from the angels, and they believed it was from God.  Finding baby Jesus confirmed this message, so no wonder they went out and told others about Jesus.  In effect, they became the first witnesses.

People were amazed when they heard about Jesus.  Mary simply took it all on board and allowed the deep truths to resonate in her heart.  Ordinarily, someone coming in and telling you angels appeared to them would be unbelievable.  However, Mary also had experienced an angel up close and personal.  Mary did not understand why Jesus had come, but she did know He was someone pretty special.

I get so excited when I read about these shepherds.  I pray the excitement they experienced will rub off on us so we can also get excited about Jesus.  When excited about Jesus, we will want to go and tell others about Him and what He has done for us - just like these shepherds.

Categories: Road To Bethlehem