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Preceded By John

Posted on December 5, 2011 at 5:22 AM
Luke 1:5-17.  Following a brief introduction to his Gospel, (vs.1-4) Luke begins with John the Baptist, the first key figure in the unfolding of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we soon discover, John's birth was also completely unexpected.  Zechariah and Elizabeth are an older couple, unable to have a family due to Elizabeth being barren.  From various characters in the Old Testament, such as Sarah and Hannah, we know that God can do the impossible.

So He sent an angel to give a message to Zechariah as he served in the temple.  I love how the angels often say, "Don't be afraid!"  Hard not to be when confronted with a heavenly being!  However, this angel has a wonderful message for Zechariah and Elizabeth -they are going to have a baby boy!  This baby boy would grow up into a man on a special mission from God.  This mission would prepare the people for the coming Messiah.  God was in action.

The birth of John the Baptist was a clear sign that God was beginning to work among His people.  Praise God we know exactly what happens, yet we can still get excited when weread these passages from the Bible because of their miraculous qualities.  They are a reminder God can do anything, and He loves His people.  The God of 2000 years ago is the same God of today, so put your trust in Him and get excited about what He wants to do in your life.

Categories: Road To Bethlehem